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These are our current tariffs (including GST) for {{ MoveTerms.BuildingName }} and may vary from time to time. We will give you notice of any variations in accordance with applicable laws and codes.

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Invoice delivery and payment frequency
You will receive a monthly invoice from us. Payment is due within 13 business days of the invoice.

Payment options
by direct debit from your bank account or from your credit card;
by calling us on {{MoveTerms.PhoneNumber}}
by credit card by cheque by tearing the payment options slip off the account and posting it with your cheque to the address shown on the slip

The sale of electricity to the Customer is subject to and governed by this Customer Agreement Form and by Arc Energy's Electricity Supply Agreement Terms and Conditions and Pricing fact sheet. The electricity charges payable by the Customer for the supply of electricity under the Electricity Supply Agreement are also set out in our website at

An Arc Energy representative will connect the electricity and/or hot water at the premise. A connection fee will apply, which will be added to your first invoice.

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